Dear Friend of Aquatics

As a new owner of my second tank I’ve switched from my old 180x70x55(cm) to a ADA Cube Garden 90P 90x45x45(cm) 182 Liter. The reason for that was, that after a long period of 6 six years I finally fulfilled my dream of a true aquascaping-aquarium. The move from my old flat additionally made it difficult to install my old big tank. Besides the aquatic technics improved significantly during the past time and many products with much better features are on market. So, e.g. most common aquariums don’t come in standard float glass nowadays. Tanks of the ADA company are built with OptiWhite-Glass with transparent silicone joint. OptiWhite means, that the glass has a green hue. which is achieved with a lower iron content. The glass is more expensive, clearer, seams to look almost blue at certain lighting conditions and lets plants and fished look more realistic. The disadvantage of low iron glass is the worse scratch resistance of the surface. Be careful when removing algae with sharp blades. A DIY tank with bought OptiWhite-Glass is not economically, since the material costs only for the glass is not remarkable cheaper than the price of ADA tank. ADA company offers those tanks in different sizes where the silicone joints are perfectly manufactured. I made the experience, that in my 70cm high tank, algae populated the most in the lower zone of the tank and the glass had to be cleaned frequently therein. Due to that, the decision between a 90P and a 90H was easy. 45cm is high enough. It is stated that ADA company offers more overly other products in the high-end field.

Newly Installed

Apart of the aquarium light the most important first. The Soil. In this point I didn’t save costs. ADA Power Sand Special and ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia. Highly porous, long standing permanent PH-value reduction at best initial bacteria population. Without advertising, pure nature products of ADA. As required by tank, there are Soils in different grain sizes. For Cube Garden 90P I chose Power Sand Special M. 6 Liter are perfectly sufficient.

This substrate contains all important nutrients and bacteria your aquarium needs and you do not have to buy more ADA products to run your tank!
After the ply of Power Sand, which was mostly applied in the back of the tank, I poured a thick ply of ADA Aqua Soil. For that I used 2.5 sacks of Amazonia 9L. and one 9L sack Amazonia Powder.

Between the plies of Power Sand Special and Aqua Soil Amazona a littered down a little bit of ADA Nature Aquarium Clear Super, which contains active charcoal and makes the water more clear.

I didn’t save any costs with the plant population either. I solely used InVitro plants! Those are guaranteed free of algae and snails. Once you have snails in your tank, you will always have snails in your tank and in my old tank I had enough of them.

Based on the level of difficulty, the CO2 demands, adn the required lighting conditions I decided to choose the following plants:

Marsilea crenata

Vesicularia ferriei

Gratiola viscidula

All three plants grow relatively slow, but do not have high demands and after three weeks the tank was almost everywhere green.

A small internal filter (due to the small fish population) a small heater, a small digital thermometer and surface skimmer (ADA Vuppa II) are installed quickly.

In the end only the most important thing is missing, the aquarium light. This complex topic is described on this website in detail.